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Texas OilTech Laboratories provides the highest quality, precise, unbiased results in a timely manner globally. Analytical testing technology is constantly changing and so we regularly upgrade our test procedures and laboratory equipment to provide the best available technology for our customers.

We try to keep Texas OilTech Laboratories at the leading edge of the technology for petroleum testing. If you're interested in one of our fuel testing services or testing packages, contact us today



Our general offices and laboratories are conveniently located in North America, South America, Middle East and Europe.




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Society of Petroleum Engineers -- Annual Technical Conference and Exhibit
Posted by Sadie Pleason on 7/30/2015 2:38:29 PM
Join us at the SPE -- Annual Technical Conference and Exhibit on September 28-30, 2015, Houston, Texas.

Our Crew in Egypt
Posted by Lena Lamei on 4/15/2015 9:02:59 AM
On-site sampling and analysis

NOW OPEN! A New Full Service Testing Laboratory
Posted by Lena Lamei on 3/11/2015 3:08:29 PM
Our Brazil testing facilities are now operational.

30th Anniversary
Posted by Lena Lamei on 2/26/2015 2:53:31 PM
Texas OilTech Laboratories is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Texas OilTech Laboratories PowerGen Europe 2015
Posted by admin on 2/19/2015 3:37:59 PM
Join us at PowerGen Europe, June 9-11, 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, BOOTH# 2J8



About Texas OilTech Laboratories

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Texas OilTech Laboratories is an independent , ISO 9001: 2008, and ISO 17025:2005 certified petroleum and petrochemical testing laboratory, providing in-house and on-site analytical and testing services.

We are recognized for continuous excellence, fast response and reliable, accurate and timely results with local office and global reach. We have in-house and on-site analytical capabilities and the ability to develop specific and customized testing packages to meet our clients’ individual needs and testing requirements. By establishing a proven performance in many industries, we have created unique test procedures to solve complex testing issues.

We are committed to remaining a world-class , independent petroleum testing laboratory and our highly skilled and experienced petroleum chemists are dedicated to provide our clients with fast , precise and unbiased analytical and testing services worldwide ,utilizing the latest and most up-to-date testing procedures and equipment and by using of the best available, state-of-the-art instrumentation and tools.

Texas OilTech Laboratories is a privately held corporation that has been in existence since 1985. Our general offices and laboratories are conveniently located in North America, South America, Middle East and Europe.

The History of Texas OilTech Laboratories

The Texas OilTech Laboratories story started in 1985 with two young entrepreneurs. They recognized the need for a testing laboratory in Houston that would provide rapid turnaround time for a variety of testing services. These services where in high demand by a variety of industry professionals, such as crude oil gatherers, toll blenders, and others in the local petroleum and petrochemical section.

As Chemical Engineers, they were able to capitalize on their knowledge and experience to provide top quality service and interpretation of the data. Located in West Houston, they were strategically located between the crude oil gatherers and the refineries. A driver could often drop off samples at the back door and have a cup of coffee while waiting for the analysis of a critical component, such as sulfur content, which might determine which refiner would purchase the load.

Toll blenders also required fast analyses to determine a blend composition of a hydrocarbon containing several components, which might include end of run, twilight material, and recycled products.

With time, the analytical capabilities of TOL continued to increase to meet the need of our clients. Today, they offer over 700 different test procedures for a whole range of gaseous and liquid fuels, natural and synthetic lubricants, and all types of specialty petroleum products.

TOL recognized the need for analytical testing capabilities at job sites such as power plants and as such, began to offer this service first locally and then eventually worldwide. The first contract for overseas work was from Enron at the Dabhol Power Project in India.

Today, on-site testing is a major part of TOL’s activity, as they visit new power plant sites all over the globe. They can now simultaneously support three crews for performance testing or plant commissioning or when fuel problems develop in the field. TOL has also developed a reputation as problem solvers. By combining a number of analytical techniques, they can perform investigative studies on problems related to lubricants, petrochemicals, and fuel spublicationss for gas turbines and diesel engines.

To Our Clients

We thank you, our clients, for your loyal support over these years and we look forward to continuing a good working relationship in the years ahead. Your analytical testing needs will continue to drive our business plan. We acknowledge the memory of three of our technical people who have since passed: These include our founder, Mr. Nader Sorurbakhsh, who initiated the laboratory culture that we continue to follow, and two chemists, Wilbert M. Burbank and Gregory Dimataris, who were responsible for the development of many special test procedures for our clients.

Texas OilTech Laboratories


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At Texas OilTech Laboratories, we’re interested in working with you. We’re dedicated to providing the best customer service possible, coupled with precise, quick results. Regardless of your petrochemical testing needs, we’re here to help.

We can work with you as a consultant, providing guidance on which test will give you the results that you need. Or, we can build a custom test package specifically for your application, provide a quote, or assist you in the decision making process. We look forward to hearing from you!

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